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NCF Moved To XenForo

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Aug 26, 2005
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Migrating to XenForo was not a choice; it was a necessity. We have been on vBulletin since 2005; we liked it. However the old platform had not been supported by vBulletin since 2018, i.e. no repairs or updates. The forum was running slower everyday and was requiring an unsustainable amount of server resources just to keep it from returning page errors and crashing. Our choice was not XenForo or vBulletin. Our choice was XenForo or let NCF fall apart gradually over the next 9 months.... then disappear. XenForo is the most reliable and sustainable alternative we found.

Hopefully, by the end of next week, our database will be completely migrated off of vBulletin. Meanwhile, you will notice different locations of many forum tools and some of your account settings may need to be adjusted.

During the next few weeks, we will be concentrating on setting up moderator functions as well as fixing the most serious bugs. I will post again and open this thread for comments as soon as we are ready to start addressing individual member's questions and problems.

Although repairs and customization may continue for several months and XenForo will take some getting used to, be assured that the forum's enhanced performance and reliability will be worth any temporary inconveniences.

Your patience and continued support are much appreciated.
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